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10 reasons to support the organic agriculture

1. Organic Agriculture is environmental friendly. It builds up and protects top soil.Through crop rotation the organic farmer guarantees that the soil is covered during the whole year, which prevents erosion. Also does the utilization of organic fertilizers incentive the development of beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Organic Agriculture protects water quality, since the micro-organisms reduce the nutrient eluviation. Organic Agriculture preserves biodiversity for the future generations. Organic farmers plant hedges and boundary ridges, which attract useful insects. They help the farmer combat harmful insects and pests, and attract birds and other animals to the agro ecosystem.

2. No artificial chemicals are allowed. Fertilization and pest management have to be biological. Residues of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides on the conventional food, are considered to be the cause of many diseases and they reduce considerably the biodiversity in the agro ecosystem.

3. The use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is not allowed, since genetic modification has not been proven safe and unforeseen side effects can not be estimated. Once a genetically modified plant is used on a crop it can not be isolated anymore, and its genes can be carried over to other plants.

4. Animals are kept in accordance to the needs of their species and the routine use of antibiotics as well as growth-promoting drugs are prohibited.

5. There are no hidden costs in organic products. Current prices for conventionally grown foods do not reflect the costs of federal subsidies to conventional agriculture, the cost of contaminated drinking water, loss of wildlife habitat and soil erosion, or the cost of the disposal and clean up of hazardous wastes generated by the manufacturing of pesticides.

6. It guarantees an income possibility for small farmers, and avoids health problems originated by pesticide application. Therefore it supports rural communities.

7. It is healthy, because organic food does not contain artificial additives, and has higher levels of specific vitamins, essential minerals and antioxidants than conventional food.

8. It tastes good. Well-balanced soils grow strong healthy plants and this can be tasted. Considering that organic farmers are not allowed to use persistent pesticides, they prevent diseases in the crops using resistant unusual sorts of fruits and vegetables, which causes a increased variety of flavours.

9. Since it is environmentally friendly, it assures the resources to feed the world’s human population in the future.

10. Organic farmers work in harmony with nature respecting the ecosystem’s balance.

How to identify organic products?

The Organic Food Market in China is an emerging market with a small range of available organic food products, a limited number of organic sales points and last but not least with a lack of consumer awareness and information. ……

One very important question for all interested consumers: „How to differentiate organic food products from conventional or Greenfood products (the latter are very often misleadingly seen as organic food products but allow the use of agrochemicals which are not allowed in organic farming systems à find the GreenFood Standards here).“

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